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  1. Jeff Moore Sep 2nd, 2014 4:04

    I read somewhere that you might be having a problem getting the Japanese video for the last 3 episodes. Is this true? I might be able to help find them. I am a pretty resourceful web user. Is this quality good enough?

    Container: MP4/MPEG-4 (Base Media)
    Video: H.264/AVC (x264 r2358) High@L4.1 1280x720p 29.97fps
    Audio: AAC-LC (Nero AAC encoder) 128Kbps(VBR) 48KHz 2ch Stereo

    Thanks! I’d really like to help if I can.


  2. Jeff Moore Sep 7th, 2014 18:47


    • Jeff Moore Sep 15th, 2014 18:32

      Okay. That above comment is not from me. I don’t appreciate someone misrepresenting me in this manner. Please remove the inappropriate comment and I appologize, for this person’s rudeness. I have nothing but the highest respect for all the wonderful volunteers who work diligently to bring us these fan translations and I commend all your efforts. Thank you for everything you are able to do.


  3. Werebeast Jul 3rd, 2016 1:25

    Need Seeds… Please…

  4. Werebeast Aug 1st, 2016 23:56

    Seeds… I need Seeds…

  5. Werebeast Sep 9th, 2016 22:22

    Reseeds, please

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