Love Live! School Idol Project – Chapter 001


NFP’s “first” ever manga project is out! (Technically it’s MFW, but details)

This is Love Live! School Idol Project first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 001: Read Online | Torrent | DDL

By the way, if anyone happens to be playing the game School Idol, by all means befriend me. My friend code is: 658759330 :3

Update: This project has been dropped due to lack of interest from most of the staffers involved. (plus, another group is doing this a lot better so many thanks to them for picking this up where we failed o/)

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Sailor Zombie – 06

Sailor Zombie 06

I really liked this episode. Bitch-face becomes an interesting character, the father becomes hilarious judge, the whole courtroom is just a joke and everyone goes full retard (except Mutsumi of course since she plays bass!)

Sailor Zombie – 06

Sailor Zombie – 02


I expected this show to be hilariously bad but it has some real genuine funny moments. Also, best girl!

We took a little liberal approach on the script and made it more… realistic given the scenario, characters and setting.

Sailor Zombie – 02