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Sep 27th, 2016 Comments: 7

Danmachi – Vol06 – 07


 My face when we’re finally done.

I guess that’s it! has been a fun ride! a big thanks to all the people who helped me finished this.

Batch when EP06 insert is done. <_<

Download Danmachi – Vol 06 – 07


  • PL: Dasuu
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • Editor: Dasuu
  • QC: heyman
  • TS: TheThing
  • K-Time/Timer: xMythycle
  • Karaoke Effects: Jocko
  • OP/ED Translator: altazure
  • Original Script: CR

Special thanks to altazure and kenjinsakura for helping me TLC this.

1080p: [NFP] Danmachi – Vol06 – 07 (1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC)

  • [NFP] DanMachi – 11 (1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC) [79ECB99B].mkv
  • [NFP] DanMachi – 12 (1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC) [8019CB31].mkv
  • [NFP] DanMachi – 13 (1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC) [3CE305BD].mkv

720p: [NFP] Danmachi – Vol06 – 07 (1280×720 HEVC BD AAC)

  • [NFP] DanMachi – 11 (1280×720 HEVC BD AAC) [0E86D507].mkv
  • [NFP] DanMachi – 12 (1280×720 HEVC BD AAC) [ECB91F87].mkv
  • [NFP] DanMachi – 13 (1280×720 HEVC BD AAC) [8289BDE9].mkv


( 7 )
  1. nBd Oct 21st, 2016 9:02

    It’s finish!! ゚∀゚ノノ Ty :)

  2. someone Nov 15th, 2016 22:57

    thanks for finishing this. this is the best quality i have ever seen for this series. thanks for keeping the torrent alive

  3. Anon Jan 14th, 2017 10:09

    > batch never

  4. PurposelyCryptic Jan 30th, 2017 18:24

    Just so you know, if you guys were to release a batch for this (or reseed the individual volumes), you would totally be my heroes, and I would totally bake you brownies, or cookies, or hybrid Cookie-Brownies, or even march down the street in my skivvies waving an NFP banner.

    I’ve had both the 1080 and 720 torrents in utorrent for almost 6 weeks, and aside from one, they’ve all been stuck at 0% for the duration – yours is definitely the best release for this series, and I desperately want to replace the versions I have with your far superior one. Thanks in advance for anything you could do, and many thanks for all your hard work in general!

    • Dasuu - (Admin) Mar 10th, 2017 1:48


  5. someone Jun 23rd, 2017 16:56

    is the group dead?
    cold you finish zankyou no terror or get the blurays out?
    thanks you all u guys work

  6. HARDO GAY Feb 6th, 2018 10:10


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