Out camping


I’m in a middle of nowhere, camping, with crappy to no internet until Monday night. As such, there won’t be any Zankyou until then. After that, I’ll be back to speedsubbing.

Sorry about the inconvenience but these things can’t be helped.

News updates

Just wanted to let you guys in on some news.

Yes, we are making progress :) We should have a release for you soon. I’ve also been working quite a lot on the server back-end (we actually migrated the whole NFP systems from one continent to another) and in celebration of that, I’ve been working on giving NFP Encodes a whole makeover. Stay tuned :)

In other news, we are running a little short on timers so if you are a timer, feel free to lurk on #nfp and we might just recruit you :D

That’s it, see you next release o/