SE – Chapter 010


This may seem out of nowhere but here’s SE chapter 10.

For those who don’t know, this manga is about a 22 year old university graduate who joins a programming company under the guide of a genius 17 year old girl programmer.

I really like this manga and got really sad when I saw the original scanlators had dropped it. Thankfully a few of my mates also liked it and long story short, we ended up taking over the scanlation.

Chapter 010: Read OnlineDDL

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Love Live! School Idol Project – Chapter 001


NFP’s “first” ever manga project is out! (Technically it’s MFW, but details)

This is Love Live! School Idol Project first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 001: Read Online | Torrent | DDL

By the way, if anyone happens to be playing the game School Idol, by all means befriend me. My friend code is: 658759330 :3

Update: This project has been dropped due to lack of interest from most of the staffers involved. (plus, another group is doing this a lot better so many thanks to them for picking this up where we failed o/)

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