About Us

Random group of people ripping BD for greater good.


Staff (people that have helped or are helping me):


Username Position
TheThing Founder, everything
heyman In charge of the harem, QC/OCR
Eriko Motivational Onee-sama, Editor/QC
jakeman95 Naked loli, Editor/QC
altazure Moe twintail, TLC/Editor/QC
xMythycle Best waifu, Timer/K-time
NeWbY Otona, TL/TLC
guest1 VN loli, QC
Pitchblack Pitch-black loli, QC
Captain_Awesome Moe captain, Human OCR
Sumguy A loli, QC
Ixlone Best imouto, Timer
anonymlol Expert loli, encoder
Dasuu Shinigami loli, QC